Steel Castings Mine Mill Liner for SAG Mills

China mill liners supplier provides ball mill liner services to worldwide ball mill liners customer.

Mine Mill Liner Feature:

1.The Mine Mill Liners can be used in SAG mills and AG mills;
2.The steel castings have higher reliability in large mills.

Application: AG mill, SAG mill

Material: Steel, high chromium, chromium molybdenum steel.
Dimensions: AS2074 L/2B, Cr5Mo
Hardness: HRC33~42 (HB310~390)
Microstructure: Predominantly pearlite
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 piece.
Casting Soundness: Level 2 of AS2574 or equivalent standerd
Chemical Composition: Every frunace heat shall be analysed by Spectrometer
Surface Finish: Visual inspection after shot blasting
Reporting: Providing process, inspection & test result data
Delivery Time: 5-28days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal.
Supply Ability: 25000 Tons per Year
Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, SGS
Packaging Details: Standard packing
Packaging Details: Pallets or wooden box
Port: Ship from Shanghai Port to the customer's designated location.

  • Mine Mill Liner
  • Mine Mill Liner

Dimensional Checking & Gauging:

Mechanical properties testing, tensile strength, yield point, Non destructive inspection (NDT), magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant test, ultrasonic.
Chemical analysis by spectrometer for each heat, PT 100%(liquid penetrant test), VI(visual inspect)100%, dimensional check.
100 % self-inspection. 3rd party inspection available.

  • Steel Castings
  • Steel Castings

Mine Mill Liner Description:

  • The hardness for Pearlitic Cr Mo Cast Steel Cap: HRc33~42 (HB310~390); Steel caps shall be sample hardness tested at approximately ten percent(10%) random selection:
  • Microstructure: Predominantly pearlite:
  • Chemical Composition:Every furnace heat shall be analysed by Spectrometer. A conforming sample shall be obtained from each furnace heat prior to pouring the mould(s):
  • Dimensional Checking & Gauging:100% check; be compliance to drawing dimensions within specified tolerances:
  1. By visual inspection, e.g. where a cross joint or other dimensional or shape defect is evident, dimensions shall be verified to drawing:
  2. By gauges manufactured to check specific features or dimensions of individual casting:
  • Casting Soundness:Level 2 of AS2574 or equivalent standard, 10% of order selected at random to be free of shrinkage with UT; Assessment of casting soundness and internal integrity shall be by ultrasonic testing; Sectioning by cutting may be only be used as a macro view test, as the cutting process may remove the area of unsoundness:
  • Steel Castings
  • Steel Castings
  • Surface Finish: Visual inspection after shot blasting: To achieve an acceptable level of surface texture, freedom from defects and extraneous material or rust that have the potential to reduce wear-life or the effective bonding of a rubber product:
  1. All wear surface to be free from surface defects that may affect fitness for purpose, and any from of grease or oil:
  2. All wear surface to be free from any raised features or markings above the wear face:
  3. All bonding surface to be free of defects that affect fitness for purpose and to be free of rust, scale and any form of grease or oil.
  • Reporting: Providing process, inspection & test result data by which specification compliance can be traced.
  1. To provide process, inspection and test result data by which specification compliance can be traced;
  2. To provide a means by which steel cap performance, may be correlated to manufacturing data with respect to chemical composition, heat treatment, and hardness.
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