Impact Crusher Blow Bars

Impact Crusher Blow Bars

Impact Crusher Blow Bars Structure and characteristics:

Impact Crusher Blow Bars is made of modified high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, and ultra high chromium cast iron. After composite treatment, the grains are refined and the grain boundaries are purified; the solidification method is controlled in the casting, and the heat treatment process is optimized. With high hardness, good toughness, high impact resistance and strong wear resistance, it is suitable for the work needs of various types of impact crushers.

Optimized heat treatment process makes the product uniform in hardness and stronger in impact and wear resistance.

EB provides spare parts processing services from other manufacturers all the year round. No matter what type of spare parts from which manufacturer, as long as you can provide processing drawings (samples), we can produce them.

Vulnerable parts of the impact crusher include:

Counterattack breaking hammer, counterattack block, counterattack plate, counterattack breaking liner, counterattack liner, counterattack breaking square steel, counterattack breaking compression block, etc.

High Chrome Blow Bars:
Reasonable application of the most advanced nanotechnology makes the cost-effectiveness of cast wear-resistant materials 1-2 times higher than the current state-of-the-art materials. The semi-solid extrusion hypereutectic high chromium hammer is produced through super alloying and advanced melting technology. Make it 50-100% longer than the traditional high chromium hammer.
Compared with similar imported products, the semi-solid extrusion hypereutectic high chromium hammer produced by EB has the advantages of high safety, strong wear resistance and low price, and the delivery cycle is greatly shortened.
High Manganese Steel Blow Bars:

It is cast from modified high manganese steel with reasonable composition ratio. The hammer is safer and more reliable. The wear resistance is also 2.5 times higher than that of ordinary high manganese steel. It not only reduces downtime, but also improves equipment operation rate and increases crushing. Machine output, reducing the cost of materials per ton, is of great promotion value.

Alloy Steel Blow Bars:

It is produced by inlaid wear-resistant alloy technology. In order to improve its wear resistance, traditional blow bars are mostly coated with a layer of tungsten-titanium alloy with cemented carbide on the working surface, and the wear resistance is not high. However, the alloy blow bars produced by EB casting are inlaid on the high manganese steel substrate. The densely cast tungsten-titanium alloy, which is extremely strong and harder than diamond, can resist severe abrasive wear.

Composite Blow Bars:

As a crusher wear-resistant plate hammer, this product has good comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, impact resistance, safety and reliability, and its service life is 4 times that of forged plate hammers or high manganese steel plate hammers, but the price is twice that of small sand The first choice for stone production lines, and the first choice for customized and purchased sand and gravel lines.

EB recommends that customers first choose a manufacturer with excellent quality when choosing a counter-attack blow hammer, which can greatly reduce the production cost of high chromium alloy blow bars, while also saving the time of replacing blow bars and improving production efficiency.

Long as you can provide processing drawings (samples), we can produce them.

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