20 Year Foundry Operation Experience
Since 1998, we set up our foundry and expanded our cast process from sand cast process to centrifugal cast process, investment cast process, shell cast process in the past 20 years. Our foundry & forging plant has passed ISO Quality Management System and one whole set of the inspection reports will be submitted for your approval before shipment.

20 Year Metal Material Expertise in wear, heat and corrosion-resistant Field
Our alloy ranges refer to the following: Wear Materials: high Cr white iron, Ni-hard white iron, Cr-Mo Alloy Steel, Mn Steel. Heat Materials: ASTM A297,DIN1.4849,2.4879,etc..  Corrosion Materials: Cobalt Alloy Castings, Nickel Alloy Casting, Al, Copper and Stainless Steel.

Our Heat Treatment Tooling Capabilities
Service: Welcome to us! Casting & Forging A Better World! EB Casting & Forging, Your Total Solution. We'd like to use our metallurgic and material expert to be at your service.
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