Crusher Spare Parts Five Factors

Crusher Spare Parts Five Factors

Several factors that affect the crushing ability of Crusher spare parts mainly include:

stone hardness, stone viscosity and humidity, final output particle size, stone composition, and the quality of the crushed parts of the crusher itself.

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  • Crusher spare parts

1. Viscosity and humidity of the material: When the moisture in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the crusher, and it is also easy to block during the feeding and conveying process, resulting in the reduction of the crushing capacity. The greater the viscosity, the smaller the crushing ability.

2. The hardness of the stone: the harder the stone, the more difficult it is to break, the more serious the wear on the equipment, the slower the crushing speed, the smaller the crushing ability is relatively small.

  • Crusher spare parts
  • Crusher spare parts
3. The basic composition of the stone material: the more fine powder contained in the material before crushing, the more it affects the crushing ability, because the fine powder is easy to adhere and affect the transportation. For those with more fine powder, it should be screened in advance. In addition, the more impurities in the stone, the crushing ability will also be affected.

4. Final output particle size: The smaller the particle size required for the final crushed stone, the slower the crushing speed and the smaller the final impact on the crushing capacity.
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  • Crusher spare parts

The better the wear resistance of the wear parts of the Crusher spare parts, the greater the crushing ability, so we must choose to use good quality Crusher wear parts.

Our company mainly develops and produces crusher wear-resistant accessories, such as jaw crusher plate, impact crusher Blow Bars, crusher hammer head, cone crusher rolling mortar wall and other crusher wear-resistant accessories.

  • Crusher spare parts
  • Crusher spare parts


Q: What kinds of products do you offer?
A: We are mainly on parts for jaw crushers and cone crushers and also impact crusher and hammer crusher spare parts.

Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, usually we provide free samples for testing under the condition of freight paid by customer.

Q: What kind of materials are using for the products?
A: We supply wear parts with various manganese content and for jaw crushers and cone crushers mostly the 13% and 18% manganese steel.

Q: Can you manufacture Customization products?
A: Yes, we can.
We can produce both standard and special prosucts.
Our can make them according to your drawings and samples.

Q: What’s the maximum single weight that can be casted, What is your processing capacity per day ?
A: The single weight that can be casted at one time is 10 tons. The capacity is 50 tons per working day.

Q: What information do we need to provide to you in order to confirm our parts order?

A: For standard parts, just provide us the drawing No. so we could confirm the exact parts.
For non-standard products, provide us your drawings or detailed specifications for our technical staff could make the drawing.

Q: What is the delivery time of your products?
A: It depends on the inventory availability.If items needed are in stock, the delivery time would be within 7 work days, but if not the delivery time would be around 30 work days.

We will send working schedule of your order each week.
Our will inspect and test all merchandise in case of damaging and missing parts before shipment.
The detailed inspection picturesion by email.

Q: If your product has inferior quality or quality problem after we use them what happens next?
A: First, you have to provide us photos of the problem part and also provide photos of the machine so we can see how the part was installed and gather other necessary information to define the cause of the problem.
If it is indeed a quality problem of the product itself, we would offer compensation to you and also figure out solutions to avoid this kind of quality problem in the future. If the problem is caused by clients, we would provide the technical suggestions to avoid same problems.
If you have interest,please do not hesitate to contact me.Pls send the drawing,technical requirements to us by email.
Looking forward to receiving your inquiry and reply. Thank you.

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