Cone Crusher Mantle

Commonly used aliases: Bowl Liner, crusher liners, cone liners,crusher mantle,cone crusher wear parts.

Main material: High manganese steel, Super high manganese steel, new composite materials, modified high manganese steel, Mn13, Mn13Cr2, ZGMn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2, ZGMn18Cr2, Mn18, etc.

Applicable materials: Cone crushers are widely used in mining industry, metallurgical industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, etc.

cone crusher mantle Structure and characteristics:

Composite Bowl Liner are cast from new composite materials and have a long service life, three times that of ordinary Cone Crusher Parts.
Super wear resistance, composite Cone Crusher Parts can adapt to the production environment with extremely harsh industrial and mining conditions, strong abrasiveness and high production intensity:
High cost performance, the use of Cone Crusher Parts can reduce the investment cost of casting wear by more than half:
Cone crusher mantle has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high internal quality, resistance to emptiness, wear, extrusion and long service life. It fully meets the requirements of the concentrator for the use of cone crusher mantle:

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  • cone crusher mantle
  • cone crusher mantle
  • cone crusher mantle

Manganese 13 (Mn13) cone crusher mantle:

Mn13 has high tensile strength, plasticity and toughness, and non-magnetic. Even if the parts are worn to a very thin thickness, they can still withstand large impact loads without breaking. It can be used to cast various impact-resistant wear parts.

Manganese 13 Chromium 2 (Mn13Cr2) cone crusher mantle:

Using Mn13Cr2 material, that is, while reducing the content of C and Mn in traditional high manganese steel, adding Cr element to make up for the lack of toughness of traditional high manganese steel and effectively extend the service life of wear-resistant parts.

Manganese 18 (Mn18) Cone Crusher Parts:

Casting wear-resistant manganese steel is the oldest and most widely used type. Especially the standard Mn18 high manganese steel rolling mortar wall, which contains high manganese and carbon content; the as-cast structure of the steel is austenite and carbides. After 1050℃ water toughening treatment, most of the carbides are solid-soluble in austenitic In the body.

Our uses Mn13, Mn13Cr2, Mn17Cr2, Mn18, Mn18Cr2 to produce Crusher Liners according to the customer’s working environment to effectively prevent the wear during the crushing process and greatly extend its service life.

cone crusher mantle Technical Parameters:

Name Large mouth diameter/mm Small mouth diameter/mm height/mm weight/Kg
Crusher Liner 1226 969 427 627
Crusher Liner 1106 435 380 593
Crusher Liner 1225 968 430 633
Crusher Liner 1070 770 434 403
Crusher Liner 1063 784 397 350
Crusher Liner 963 300 428 374
Crusher Liner 1060 800 422 554
Crusher Liner 982 275 460 422
Crusher Liner 1060 800 358 527
Crusher Liner 1060 800 359 515
Crusher Liner 1060 800 364 503
Crusher Liner 974 280 463 480
Crusher Liner 1060 800 389 528
Crusher Liner 1161 300 554 791
Crusher Liner 1240 940 429 763
Crusher Liner 1240 940 438 745
Crusher Liner 1240 940 466 860
Crusher Liner 1066 453 520 500
Crusher Liner 1160 470 900 954
Crusher Liner 1203 463 563 754
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